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Natural Remedies As Opposed to Western Medical Care Practices

Alternatives to traditional medical careMany people are waking up and realizing that Western Medical practices are designed to treat symptoms and often don’t even look at the possible cures outside of the medical profession. In other words a doctor’s “usual” solution is to prescribe medication, and in extreme cases, surgery.

While we don’t want to say that there isn’t a place for western medical practices, because there is–oftentimes taking another approach in addition to receiving care from your medical doctor can be beneficial to you in the long run.

On this website we advocate approaching the care of your body from a “holistic” viewpoint–in other words–going beyond the symptoms and taking a look at what’s going on behind the scenes to cause an illness, a condition or a disease.  Symptoms don’t exist in an of themselves.  They all have origination in our body in some way or another.  The holistic practitioner looks at the “whole” person rather than just the symptom, disease or condition.

Louise Hay, a well-known writer and publisher advocates this approach to one’s health, having cured herself of cancer by applying techniques in the 70’s that were not part of the standard medical procedures. And today, these type of holistic approaches are being accepted more and more by western thinkers.

Alternative therapies are “alternative” for a reason–because people haven’t been satisfied with the results they have experienced through standard modes of treatment.

Natural remedies and cures do exist and have existed since man has been alive. All drugs come from nature to begin with–so doesn’t it make sense to go back to nature and remove the middle man–the pharmaceutical companies–to ensure you are getting the best results? Pharmaceutical companies seemed to have lost the edge of caring that many people really need and are creating drugs with severe and oftentimes worse side effects that the treatment of the symptom in the first place. “May Cause Death” is a side-effect I don’t want to gamble with–as for me–I’ll go the natural route whenever possible.

I thoroughly believe that doctors serve a purpose, but wouldn’t that purpose be better served if coupled with an understanding of why something is happening in the first place and combined with an honest approach to true treatment and cures instead of just masking the symptoms with drugs or telling you it’s all in your head?

Pain is a very real thing and many people experience pain without any known cause or treatment cures. When in doubt, don’t discontinue the services of your medical practitioner, but do look to alternative methods if you find that you aren’t receiving the results you desire.

The REAL Pace Program by Dr Sears – Just Push Play To Get Lean

Article by Dr. Al Sears

I’m stunned. I just went online and discovered other companies using my PACE articles – even excerpts from my book – to sell their own exercise programs. There are at least a dozen Google ads and YouTube videos on PACE, all of which have nothing to do with me or the real PACE program.

It’s all a bit overwhelming. But I’m flattered. PACE is practiced by over 50,000 people in a dozen countries around the world. You should see some of the letters I get. They come from far-flung places like Japan, the Congo, Malaysia.

They all read the book, but come back and ask me for a way to “follow along.”

So if you’re up for burning fat, getting lean and turning your heart and lungs into a high-performance powerhouse, I have good news.

I’ll take you step-by-step through my PACE program, giving you an insider’s look at the revolutionary program that put aerobics out of business.

And it couldn’t be easier. Just watch the DVD and follow along.

Getting Lean is as Easy as Pushing “Play” on Your DVD Player

In this hour-long video, my team of fitness experts and I guide you through the techniques that make PACE work and how to use them. You’ll discover the PACE fat burning secrets and see them in practice – not just as a theory on a written page.

Applied to actual workouts you can do yourself, you’ll see the PACE principles laid out in front of you. No more guesswork… no more wondering if you’re doing it right… You’ll get the whole story in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to do.

Hearing me go through the PACE program in my own words gives you a sense of recognition. And when you combine my instruction with an actual demonstration of some of the best PACE techniques, everything falls into place.

My PACE DVD makes PACE easier for you. You’ll get sample PACE routines for both indoors and out. If you don’t have access to a gym, it’s not a problem. You’ll find a PACE program that fits your needs.

After watching it, you may think to yourself, “Is that all there is to it? Are you sure I can do that and get results?” That’s a common reaction. But the answer is, “yes.”

You see, we’ve been conditioned to believe that burning fat is hard work that takes hours to achieve. But compared to cardio or aerobics, PACE is easy and takes up much less of your time.

PACE is fast and gets to the point. It’s not the grueling drudgery you’re used to… it’s not at all what “cardio” feels like. You’ll feel winded and sweat up a storm, but you’ll be invigorated after it’s done, not tired and bored.

Burn Fat Quickly and Effectively Without Boring Gym Routines

Follow along as I take you through my fat burning PACE routines. These workouts give you a good challenge, but are easy to do – even if you’re currently out of shape.

And they’re good enough to use long term. Even better, you can use these moves anywhere. At the gym, at home, in a hotel room… they’re very flexible.

Whenever I do these PACE routines, I can really feel my abs get tighter. I’ve already lost another inch around my waist, and that’s on top of what I lost since the start of the summer.

This DVD makes PACE convenient. You can load it onto your laptop or iPod. You can literally watch it anywhere. It’s a portable PACE lesson anywhere you go.

It really helps with one of the most effective fat burners you can use with PACE. I’m talking about the now famous “Hindu Squat.”

Pump Up Your Metabolism and Build Pounds of

New Muscle in Under 10 Minutes a Day…

You’ve probably heard me talk about Hindu squats and Hindu pushups. But have you tried them? If you haven’t I have good news: These two fat-melting calisthenics are expertly demonstrated on my DVD.

One of my PACE students shows you the movements and takes you through a complete workout. They look simple enough, but wait until you do them for three solid minutes: You’ll feel the burn, but they work wonders.

Hindu squats and push-ups are well known for their ability to keep you slim and strong. They may be the two best exercises you can do. Aside from helping you build new muscle fast, they will lower your blood pressure, burn pounds of fat and relieve many types of lower back pain.

What’s more, you’ll improve your chances of staying active and independent as you age. Compound hip and leg movements – like in the Hindu squat – work the muscles that keep you mobile. That will keep you on your feet and out of a wheelchair no matter how old you get.

For the last month, I’ve been alternating between the fat burning routines and the Hindu squats and pushups. And I have to tell you, adding the squats and pushups make all the difference.

I’ve seen results too. My face is leaner and my belly is as flat as it’s been in 15 years. This workout alone makes the DVD something to consider.

Just remember to keep doing them. One set feels good, but to get the fat off, you need to make them part of your regular routine.

That’s where the video becomes very useful. All you have to do is play that section of the DVD and follow along. It makes it a lot easier; especially on days when you need an extra push.

Let My Expert Team and I Give You Insights into PACE

In addition to the workouts and the demonstrations, you’ll hear me go through the finer points of PACE and how to use them to make your own PACE experience as rewarding as possible.

PACE is about getting reconnected to your own instincts. These are the feelings and impulses that have become dull and worn out from the conditioning of our modern world.

In my DVD I show you why you need PACE and how to bring out some its fundamental techniques. You’ll hear about the “oxygen debt” and why it turns on your body’s fat burning mechanism. You’ll also hear about fat burning techniques that you didn’t get from the book.

And You’ll Get My New Report

It’s Packed with 10 New Fat Burning Workouts

Make sure you get my new fat burning report. It’s yours today at no extra cost. This series includes new ideas and new insights you won’t find in my book or DVD.

I write new material on PACE all the time. Over the last two years I’ve answered reader questions, given specific new advice to patients and come up with new ways to make PACE easier and more effective.

To help you get lean even faster, I put this collection into a special series called Top 10 Fat Burning Workouts.

Here’s a quick look:

  • Having trouble making progress with PACE? Just follow this simple checklist.
  • How to achieve an “oxygen debt” every time you do PACE.
  • Create your own PACE routine. No gyms, or special equipment required. Just follow these simple guidelines.
  • Learn the secret of “heart rate variability” and how it protects you from deadly heart attacks.
  • Keep from falling back into the “aerobics trap.” This is the number one mistake people make with PACE.
  • Stop your chronic loss of muscle mass: This simple technique keeps you completely mobile and independent as you age.
  • And many other fat-busting tips and techniques… all of them simple and easy to understand.

Get Plugged in to My PACE DVD

PACE on DVD keeps you motivated and inspired. It’s a great workout tool. Even after you get the instruction, the workouts are great to go back to again and again.

You can get started right now. I’ll be right there in your living room.

Of course, I stand behind everything I do. If you watch it and don’t like it, just send it back and I’ll reimburse you, no questions asked. I’ll even refund your shipping and handling. It either works or you don’t pay.

I invite you to join me today. It takes just seconds.

P.S. – Don’t have the PACE book yet? I had Cindy, our services director, put something together just in case… PACE is essential reading, don’t miss out.

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