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Body Organics is a website designed for anyone who is looking for natural solutions to beauty and health.

Inside you’ll find tips and treasures that might help you in your search for your answers. Remember this: not everything that is on the store shelf is good for you.  Would you put crude oil directly onto your skin? Many of today’s products, face creams and such are made from petroleum products.

And think about this — did you know that TUMS, Rolaids, and products like this are made from COMMERCIAL GRADE CHALK?  While they might be good in the moment for getting rid of that pesky heartburn, do we even know what the long-term effects of using products like these will be?

For people like you and me,  the answers lie in nature — and natural products.  For centuries before the advent of the industrial age, men and women were using herbs, plants, and natural food products to cure most of their ailments.  Now-a-days if you pay attention to the drug commercials — every drug they offer you the consumer, to TREAT, key word here, TREAT, NOT CURE a symptom creates a whole host of other problems including DEATH.

Most people take too many antibiotics (which essentially is a drug that mimics what your body will perform naturally if you let it).  So that when a really virulent strain of a bug comes along — they’ll find the antibiotics won’t work on it — why?  Because the bugs have built up a resistance to antibiotic drugs.

When we continually take antibiotics, our bodies have gotten lax about creating natural anti-bodies.  If you have a cold or a virus — antibiotics won’t work on them anyway, so why are you taking them?  Anti-biotics are only good for BACTERIAL infections, NOT VIRAL ones.  Sometimes just riding the cold out is the best thing you can do for your body.  Your body will develop the natural remedies so that the next time the bug comes around — you won’t get it.

We don’t advocate to quit taking antibiotics or using your doctor — what we advocate is to pay attention to what you are doing.  Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals we believe should be used sparingly, in REAL emergencies, not every time you get a runny nose.

And you might want to consider alternative methods — homeopathic remedies, herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy and chiropractic treatments all work — if you give them time.

The world is evolving and people are getting smarter about their lives and their bodies.  Isn’t it time you took back your power and quit using products that aren’t healthy for you?

There are products available to everyone that are much better for you than the products you would normally buy out of habit.  And thank the internet for that!

Body Organics is just another in the W.E. family of websites designed to improve your life and provide solutions to problems you may be facing by offering you alternatives.

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