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Natural Remedies As Opposed to Western Medical Care Practices

Alternatives to traditional medical careMany people are waking up and realizing that Western Medical practices are designed to treat symptoms and often don’t even look at the possible cures outside of the medical profession. In other words a doctor’s “usual” solution is to prescribe medication, and in extreme cases, surgery.

While we don’t want to say that there isn’t a place for western medical practices, because there is–oftentimes taking another approach in addition to receiving care from your medical doctor can be beneficial to you in the long run.

On this website we advocate approaching the care of your body from a “holistic” viewpoint–in other words–going beyond the symptoms and taking a look at what’s going on behind the scenes to cause an illness, a condition or a disease.  Symptoms don’t exist in an of themselves.  They all have origination in our body in some way or another.  The holistic practitioner looks at the “whole” person rather than just the symptom, disease or condition.

Louise Hay, a well-known writer and publisher advocates this approach to one’s health, having cured herself of cancer by applying techniques in the 70’s that were not part of the standard medical procedures. And today, these type of holistic approaches are being accepted more and more by western thinkers.

Alternative therapies are “alternative” for a reason–because people haven’t been satisfied with the results they have experienced through standard modes of treatment.

Natural remedies and cures do exist and have existed since man has been alive. All drugs come from nature to begin with–so doesn’t it make sense to go back to nature and remove the middle man–the pharmaceutical companies–to ensure you are getting the best results? Pharmaceutical companies seemed to have lost the edge of caring that many people really need and are creating drugs with severe and oftentimes worse side effects that the treatment of the symptom in the first place. “May Cause Death” is a side-effect I don’t want to gamble with–as for me–I’ll go the natural route whenever possible.

I thoroughly believe that doctors serve a purpose, but wouldn’t that purpose be better served if coupled with an understanding of why something is happening in the first place and combined with an honest approach to true treatment and cures instead of just masking the symptoms with drugs or telling you it’s all in your head?

Pain is a very real thing and many people experience pain without any known cause or treatment cures. When in doubt, don’t discontinue the services of your medical practitioner, but do look to alternative methods if you find that you aren’t receiving the results you desire.

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